iPhone to Android: Part 1: Mac vs PC

This post is a bit of history of me and my use of Mac and PC computers. I’m really just trying to illustrate that my future review of the iPhone and Galaxy S II are not rooted in some blind hatred of a certain OS over another because I’m part of some anti-Mac cult. Seriously, I only joined for the free Pizza.
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Day 2

Revisions… already

It’s been one day, and I’ve already changed my blog’s theme. That’s okay… I’m sort of a tinkerer. When it’s a personal project, like this blog, I will tinker a little here and there over a long period of time. I’m always tweaking my setup.

In professional projects, that usually means I either hammer at it until it’s right and then move on, or I get things roughed in and then come back to it later to really tweak it in.

Today, I added a couple things to the blog. First, I added a suggestions page. One of the best ways to make sure your audience wants to see what you are presenting is to present things they specifically asked for! Feel free (encouraged, rather) to ask for blog posts about whatever. The suggestions page has some topics for which I may be able to provide advice.

Blogging Frequency

I can tell the first few blog posts will be centered around blogging itself. For me, it’s really just a way to get used to the interface, and I want to get a few posts up so I feel like I’ve accomplished something. I’ve made a minor goal of writing a post every day. A post could be as simple as a note about a link I saw, just anything is better than nothing. I imagine I’ll get into creating drafts so I can work on a longer post over a few days for posting.

I call it a minor goal because it’s just something I’d like to do, but I’m not going to beat myself up over it if I don’t do it. That is, the possible outcomes are win or nil. I can’t fail at a goal I haven’t committed to achieving. I can only achieve it or just not worry about it.

I’ll talk more about why I do that in another post, later…

Future Posts

Another addition today is a few new sidebar items- Recent posts, Archives, and a “Future” list which shows posts I plan to write later.

Also, the full-screen composer is cool. Nothing but the text on screen, not even formatting tools. Just you, white space, and black text.

ttfn… did I really just write that? so surprised, I have to leave it!

Have I mentioned yet I may ramble and tangent in my posts. I suspect I’ll do less of that with time. I suppose that makes this line a p.s.

Starting Out!

This is my first post! I may delete it later, after I find that it is pretty meaningless. For now, it’s great. It’s a proof of concept for what I hope to be a fairly content rich blog with images and video relating to the many topics I intend to blog about.

I like to share knowledge about things, so I intend to post reviews of things I’ve encountered, such as films, music, and products I’ve used or purchased.

I like to write to sort out my thoughts, so I intend to post about what I’m working on internally.

I’m afraid that others may find out about my fears or weaknesses, but I am going to try some transparency because we all have weaknesses. A man who says he has not a single one has already revealed two.

Recognize that I may write more about struggles than triumphs, because these are what motivate me to write. This is also why polls are more likely to show disapproval, especially if they are voluntary. I intend to write often, and eventually the flow of writing will be more positive because I write regularly and not just when I feel the need.

I will rewrite this post later and delete this one.

I will ramble; I will tangent. I don’t promise to write about the same thing all the time. In fact, I intend not to. I have tons of interests, so I will spend a little time exploring each one.

I intend to write about my business, Verexia Studios. This is not the Verexia Studios blog. This is my personal blog. I make the rules of my blog, and I will post what I choose, personal or professionally oriented.

I may completely change this blog’s topic and structure later. For now, I’m just trying to start blogging.

Thanks to my wife, who got me to finally make this.