+1HP – Small Change

I have a terrible history of getting inspired to live a more healthy life which results in a string of new resolutions – most of which last for maybe a week at the most.

Still, when you put them all together, the sum of their parts is greater than zero (I think).

One way I’ve found a bit more success is to start with a really small and easy goal, even if it’s not the one I really really want to achieve, and work on that first.

For example, if I wanted to quit drinking cola, I might make a change in how much cola I drink. Or maybe I’ll focus on drinking more water and worry less about cutting out the cola.

It may not make a large difference for a very long time, but even if the result is I drink 10% less cola, I’ve made an improvement, and pushing the needle to the next “20% less cola” will be easier than the first 10% was.

Just a thought that’s worked for me on some things.

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