A History of Gaming: Part 13

Mouse & Keyboard FTW!

Sometime in high school, my dad bought me a brand new computer – state of the art. 1.6 Gigabyte hard drive, you know. It was awesome. Technology! Anyway, that was when I started really learning about computers, how they worked, and so on. My first manual upgrade was when I ordered a blazing fast 32 MB ATI video card to help me do better 3d modeling and animation stuff. I used to make space ships, create basic models of them, and create big space fights in 3d. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about today – it’s gaming!
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A History of Gaming: Part 12

Reminiscing about the Sega CD reminded me of a story from 8th grade for part 12 of my history of gaming series…

Gaming Epic Poetry Fail

I’ve been writing in some form or another since preschool. It’s always something I’ve been interested in, especially fiction / storytelling. In the 8th grade, I was in an English class where we were going to create a “book” of poetry. I liked the idea, of course, so I took the assignment pretty seriously. If I remember correctly, we were tasked with creating five pages, five poems.

I had also been playing a Sega CD game, Mansion of Hidden Souls, and I really liked the story from the game. I figured I’d combine two things I love and write a poem based on the game.
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A History of Gaming: Part 11

It just keeps going! When will it end!? For the when, look here. I suppose this is all just the recap – part 11 of my history of gaming series…

Sega CD

Sega released a CD-ROM addon for its Sega Genesis system which promised full motion video in games and it shattered the size barrier of the relatively small cartridge based storage space. Now a game had almost 50 times more space to work with. The problem is that all the space in the world won’t make a system run any faster. The video was still very limited by the Sega Genesis’ limitations on color depth and such. Still, it was a fun experiment, and a step toward the methods employed by modern consoles today (optical disc based).
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A History of Gaming: Part 10

Many Super Nintendo games had classic gameplay, story, and design. Before moving on from SNES, I wanted to mention another composer I discovered during those years.

Hello World

When I ordered the soundtrack for Final Fantasy III, I also wanted to get the Secret of Mana soundtrack. It wasn’t available, but Secret of Evermore (another great RPG with some similarities to SoM) was available so I went ahead and ordered it instead.

I liked the Evermore soundtrack, but I really enjoyed a few tracks that were on the CD but not part of the game. The original game music from the SNES was recorded onto the CD in its original form – using the SNES audio system. However, Jeremy Soule (the composer) had the opportunity to include some higher quality recordings on the CD along with those original SNES tracks.
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A History of Gaming: Part 9

Today’s post covers a very special game to me, Final Fantasy III for the Super Nintendo.(U.S.) It’s part 9 in the continuing series… /cheer

Kefka’s Domain

I had played a little Final Fantasy II before, and I don’t really remember how I fell into trying out Final Fantasy III. It had been out for a while when I finally got it. I do remember that we rented it, though, and after getting totally hooked on it, I had to play through the game. There were no external cards or internal drives for saving game data, so my progress was stored on the video store’s copy of the game.

Thus, I rented it repeatedly for 18 days!
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