A History of Gaming: Part 30

The end of the line for WoW, part 30 of my A History of Gaming series…


Late 2010… our guild started World of Warcraft: Cataclysm (Cata) pretty strong. However, interest seemed to die quickly when players realized Cataclysm brought a vastly different expectation for the various group roles – tanks, healers, and damage dealers. Some guild members quit the game, some stopped trying, some worked hard to figure things out.
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A History of Gaming: Part 29

My last big, hardcore gaming experience was a World Warcraft one, touched on here, in my 29th installment of my History of Gaming series…

Wrath of the Lich King

I had played WoW once before and quit once before with a blend of kudos and chagrin from friends. When I decided to go back, it mainly was because quitting didn’t stymy my time spent gaming. I was playing just as much, but now I was spending a lot more money buying or trying games that were just mediocre replacements for WoW. In the end, I decided WoW was a cheaper and better quality alternative to other games.
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A History of Gaming: Part 28

Guitar Hero & Rock Band

While PC Gaming became my main go to, there were the Guitar Hero and Rock Band series on the various consoles. You could get them for computer, but they really needed a home theater system to make them shine.

I purchased several of the games, but Rock Band 2 probably represents the pinnacle of them to me. I was a pretty serious drummer for many years, but I haven’t really played since around 2000. So Rock Band was an opportunity to get some of the feel like I was drumming again without having the hassle and noise of a real drum kit.
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A History of Gaming: Part 27

So what is it about Mass Effect that exempts it from my quitting gaming? That’s today’s topic in my history of gaming…

The Mass Effect

In 2008, I heard somewhere about this game, and decided to check it out. I can’t really remember how I discovered it, but it received lots of high reviews.

I was instantly drawn into the visual style and music. Many games I play have aspects that end up looking bad at 2560×1600 resolution. However, the game held up really well anyway. Also, it had the option of adding a film grain effect in the graphics options which I love. It’s indicative of the cinematic styling of the story and design. The music was subliminal and futuristic – it just all spoke to me.
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A History of Gaming: Part 26

After quitting gaming, I’ve started writing about it. Part 26 of my continuing series on gaming…

Gaming Everywhere

Quitting World of Warcraft was intended to get me more focused. I wanted to work on a massive epic series of stories I’ve been developing since high school. However, it really just got me more focused on gaming that wasn’t World of Warcraft. Eh… what can you do?
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