Learning From My Past

When I was a kid, maybe sixth grade, I started getting into writing in a big way. I wrote all the time, any chance I got.

I carried a red folder with me everywhere I went with my first real story, Operation: Lightning. I wrote during free time in class, during lunch. I remember hiding in the back of the band room and working on my story when they rehearsed songs or sections where I didn’t play.
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The Gaming Tag

After all this posting about my history with gaming, which was spawned by my decision to stop almost all gaming (save for casual, social stuff, and Mass Effect), I noticed the tag “gaming” in my tags cloud is head and shoulders above all the others.

I suppose that makes sense. Now that I’ve front loaded my blog with all that gaming content, it reminds me it’s something that won’t just disappear from my mind overnight. Building up a repertoire of blog posts about other topics will take some time, and I look forward to the day when a different topic overtakes gaming. It will have symbolized much more than just a number of blog posts, but a fundamental shift in my everyday focus.

So BRING IT, gaming tag! I’ve got your number (of posts)!

Is it cheating to not tag this post with “gaming”? I mean. This post is about writing other stuff…. so… there!

Where Are the Pictures?

Someone asked why there were no pictures on my blog – so here’s a bit of an explanation…

By the book

When someone creates a picture, motion picture, or sound, they are the author of the creative work. They own the rights to copy it. That is – other people do NOT have the right to copy it. It’s called copyright, and you’ve probably heard that term before.
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A History of Gaming: Part 37

On 12/4/2011 I decided to stop gaming. Today, I conclude my History of Gaming series which began after the original announcement.

The End of the Beginning

It is not the end. It is not the beginning of the end. It is the end of the beginning.
– Sherman the Robot, Millennium (1989 film)

That sentiment reflects my feelings after I quit gaming. Gaming has been a huge part of my life, and I want to regard it as such. It’s the end of one era for me, and the influences games have had on my life and voice are readily visible in my creative expression (to me at least).
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A History of Gaming: Part 36

When I decided to quit gaming, I permitted the Mass Effect series as an exception to my rule. I recently finished Mass Effect 3 and it was a fitting end to more than just a great gaming series.

This article may include a couple spoilers from the game.
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