+1 HP – Don’t Do New Year’s Resolutions

I believe a New Year’s Resolution is a bit like an impulse buy. As you near the cash register, you happen by a plethora of cheap and not-so-accidentally placed items that are cheap and intended to make you buy on impulse (i.e. without thinking).

Like the last few steps of a shopping trip (literally if you read magazine covers), an array of options and ideas for New Year’s resolutions spring up before you at the end of the year from magazines, blogs, friends, etc. Thus, people pick up a few goals before they check-out of 2012 and head into 2013 with a few pounds of fail they didn’t actually need.

So, I should just forget trying to improve? No, not at all.

I’ve just never really been into these kinds of resolutions. I think they’re usually hastily made goals which require far more resolve to sustain than a person realized when they impulsively decided to make it their New Year’s resolution.

Some of these resolutions actually ARE impulse buys. I mean, do you really think it’s coincidence that all the diet products and gym memberships go into high gear in December and January? They know you won’t stick to it – that’s why they get you to sign up a whole year even if you don’t use it.

I think a resolution is a fine thing, but I wouldn’t recommend committing to one simply because other people are (unless you’re doing it with them for accountability) or because it’s a special day. The truth is, 2:37 A.M. on March 4th is just as great a moment to put a plan into action as 12:00 AM on January 1st.

If you’ve made a resolution, consider it again. Break it down and really think it through to see if you really want to do it and if now is the time. If you decide to cancel it, fine. If you decide to keep it, fine, too.

The important thing is that whatever you resolve to do, start when the time is right for YOU, and do it because YOU want to do it.

And if you decide not to do it, you can make a time to consider it again, or not – but you don’t have to resolve to “never” do it. You can just let it go. Don’t shame yourself. If it comes back to mind later, you can consider it again then. If it doesn’t, who cares? You’ve moved on.

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