Taking the Gimmick Out of 3D Films

I remember seeing Avatar in 3D and being amazed. I saw Clash of the Titans in 3D and almost fell asleep. It’s not the whiz bang that makes movies interesting to watch – regardless of the number of dimensions used. It’s the drama (I don’t think of Avatar as the most dramatic film ever, but… the examples are relative). If the whiz bang makes the drama more powerful, then by all means go for it. If not, then filmmakers, and those who risk their cash on them, are just wasting their money.
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A History of Gaming: Part 15

It’s part 15 of my history of gaming series, and I felt the need to mention the PlayStation. I never had one, didn’t really care, but it did have some great games.

Nobuo Uematsu Strikes Back!

The one PS game I did play was Final Fantasy VII. Overall it was a pretty great game. Big cinematic cutscenes seemed pretty awesome at the time, and the music was great, too.
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A History of Gaming: Part 13

Mouse & Keyboard FTW!

Sometime in high school, my dad bought me a brand new computer – state of the art. 1.6 Gigabyte hard drive, you know. It was awesome. Technology! Anyway, that was when I started really learning about computers, how they worked, and so on. My first manual upgrade was when I ordered a blazing fast 32 MB ATI video card to help me do better 3d modeling and animation stuff. I used to make space ships, create basic models of them, and create big space fights in 3d. But that’s not what I’m here to talk about today – it’s gaming!
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