Taking the Gimmick Out of 3D Films

I remember seeing Avatar in 3D and being amazed. I saw Clash of the Titans in 3D and almost fell asleep. It’s not the whiz bang that makes movies interesting to watch – regardless of the number of dimensions used. It’s the drama (I don’t think of Avatar as the most dramatic film ever, but… the examples are relative). If the whiz bang makes the drama more powerful, then by all means go for it. If not, then filmmakers, and those who risk their cash on them, are just wasting their money.
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Learning From My Past

When I was a kid, maybe sixth grade, I started getting into writing in a big way. I wrote all the time, any chance I got.

I carried a red folder with me everywhere I went with my first real story, Operation: Lightning. I wrote during free time in class, during lunch. I remember hiding in the back of the band room and working on my story when they rehearsed songs or sections where I didn’t play.
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The Gaming Tag

After all this posting about my history with gaming, which was spawned by my decision to stop almost all gaming (save for casual, social stuff, and Mass Effect), I noticed the tag “gaming” in my tags cloud is head and shoulders above all the others.

I suppose that makes sense. Now that I’ve front loaded my blog with all that gaming content, it reminds me it’s something that won’t just disappear from my mind overnight. Building up a repertoire of blog posts about other topics will take some time, and I look forward to the day when a different topic overtakes gaming. It will have symbolized much more than just a number of blog posts, but a fundamental shift in my everyday focus.

So BRING IT, gaming tag! I’ve got your number (of posts)!

Is it cheating to not tag this post with “gaming”? I mean. This post is about writing other stuff…. so… there!