I almost wrote a blog post today!

This isn’t a post, it’s just almost a post. I meant to write one, but I forgot what I was going to write about after being interrupted by a phone call. So, here’s a short post, for the sake of myself and anyone reading to say I haven’t abandoned my blog. I actually look at it all the time, and think ‘hmmm, what can I write about today?’

I’ve been pretty busy with other stuff, and when I think of something I want to write about, I usually forget by the time I get to a place where I could write about it. This tells me two things. One, I need to write things down when I think of them; and two, it might not have been worth commenting on if it wasn’t compelling enough to remember… maybe.

However, this blog is the underscore, so I don’t really write about things going on in the forefront of my world, right? When I find something that’s really worth talking about, it goes to my film work… theoretically that’s how this works.

So, I do have some random and generally unrelated stuff going on that I intend to write about later…

I’ve been working with maps and cartography a bit insofar as it serves to help me develop a story I’ve been working on. I’ve learned some neat tricks in Photoshop. Then, to give back to the community and play with some other video and 3d software, I decided to make a YouTube tutorial about the map style, and it’s fairly epic as far as tutorials goes. It will be a seven part, almost two hour long Photoshop tutorial. I’ll post that when it’s done and online.

I’ve been trying to create a new desk for my workstation. Then, I decided I’d build stands for the monitors and speakers and just have a simple small desk. Now, I fear the stands would look ugly, so I’m tempted to go back to a large desktop build… except I don’t want to pay for any of it! And rinse… repeat. I’m pretty sure I’m sticking with the ‘stands’ route, but I’m still working on a way to not make it look bad. I’ve been almost to a decision for like a year now, and I’ll post about that when I figure it out!

Until next time…

The Gaming Tag

After all this posting about my history with gaming, which was spawned by my decision to stop almost all gaming (save for casual, social stuff, and Mass Effect), I noticed the tag “gaming” in my tags cloud is head and shoulders above all the others.

I suppose that makes sense. Now that I’ve front loaded my blog with all that gaming content, it reminds me it’s something that won’t just disappear from my mind overnight. Building up a repertoire of blog posts about other topics will take some time, and I look forward to the day when a different topic overtakes gaming. It will have symbolized much more than just a number of blog posts, but a fundamental shift in my everyday focus.

So BRING IT, gaming tag! I’ve got your number (of posts)!

Is it cheating to not tag this post with “gaming”? I mean. This post is about writing other stuff…. so… there!

Where Are the Pictures?

Someone asked why there were no pictures on my blog – so here’s a bit of an explanation…

By the book

When someone creates a picture, motion picture, or sound, they are the author of the creative work. They own the rights to copy it. That is – other people do NOT have the right to copy it. It’s called copyright, and you’ve probably heard that term before.
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A Light Week

With the holidays, and a slew of other things distracting me from blogging, I’ve missed a post! Oh noes! I have to be accountable to myself somehow for failing to have a post every day this week. That’s an agreement I’ve made with myself. I will make up for it by posting twice today.

The agreement, however, allows me to post whatever I want for my daily post, so this one counts as one! I’ll make a post about making agreements with myself later. I’ve learned some things about myself over the last couple years that has become very valuable tools, and the way I make agreements is one of them.